New Zealand’s first fuel cell bus being tested at GBV

We are very excited to be testing not only New Zealand’s first hydrogen fuel cell bus, but the first ever fuel cell bus designed and manufactured in New Zealand.

Hydrogen fuel cell buses use a fuel cell to convert hydrogen gas to electricity and the only emissions are pure water. This technology is ideally suited to New Zealand’s clean green culture and provides operators with a long range, fast refueling, zero emission option.

We see this technology as a vital component to securing New Zealand’s zero carbon targets and here at GBV our focus is on helping New Zealand buses to become zero emission.  We are proud to be leading this charge.

A big thanks to all the GBV team and the fantastic support of Ballard, ZF, Hiringa, Wabco, BoC and other key suppliers to achieve the amazing goal of getting the systems up and running.
This is a huge milestone and a massive step towards building the knowledge and infrastructure needed to support these world leading technologies.
The bus will be running trials and tuning here in Rolleston over the next few weeks, before being delivered to Auckland Transport in February.

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