Global Bus Ventures collaboration with Emirates Team New Zealand

We are proud to announce that Global Bus Ventures (GBV) has been selected by Emirates Team New Zealand to be the system integrator for their hydrogen-powered chase boats. Our experience in hydrogen fuel cell technology in addition to in-house design and manufacture means GBV is uniquely well positioned to undertake tasks as a full system integrator of hydrogen power plant systems.

“It is a real pleasure for all of us here at GBV to be working alongside another great New Zealand innovator, Emirates Team New Zealand. The combination of both parties will showcase the true innovation New Zealanders are known for.” Mike Parker, EVP Global Bus Ventures.

Vehicle development at GBV encompasses the entire process of design, manufacture, and software integration. With this broad swath of capability, we are able to meet the specific needs of each individual project and utilize our proprietary vehicle management systems in various vehicles. Our capability to undertake system integration is demonstrated by the diverse range of vehicles we have developed and built over the years. This provided GBV the opportunity to have a multifaceted involvement in New Zealand’s sustainable transport initiatives.

Historically GBV have been at the forefront of innovative technology and we are excited to continue this legacy by leading the charge into hydrogen power systems in New Zealand. Our passion in sustainable technology is only matched by our pursuit of New Zealand innovation and supporting local industries in the process of achieving these goals.

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